Covid-19 and alcohol—a dangerous cocktail

2 juin 2020

Source : BMJ

Auteurs : Ilora Finlay and al.


“Voici un éditorial du BMJ qui attire l’attention sur les risques liés à l’alcool dans la période du COVID (augmentation de la consommation, notamment en période de confinement ?) » présenté par le Dr Marie MOITRY


As the UK and most other countries went into lockdown, the need to save lives from covid-19 rightly took priority over longer term health concerns. Many people reacted to the closure of pubs and restaurants by stocking up to drink at home in isolation, and alcohol, along with household items and storecupboard food, disappeared from supermarket shelves. In the week to 21 March, alcohol sales were up 67%. In comparison, overall supermarket sales increased by only 43%.1 Now, as signs emerge of some control over new cases of covid-19, it is increasingly clear that if we don’t prepare for emerging from the pandemic, we will see the toll of increased alcohol harm for a generation

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