Acute coronary syndromes during COVID-19

26 mai 2020

Source : European Heart Journal

Auteurs : Serafina Valente and al.


“Voici un article de l’EHJ  présentant des recommandations pour la prise en charge des syndromes coronariens aigus à l’ère du COVID-19.” présenté par le Dr Marie MOITRY


COVID-19 pandemic is a global public health burden, with progressively growing number of infected subjects, which are often asymptomatic. In this emergency condition, Cardiologists have to improve management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS), in order not only to guarantee the appropriate treatment to ACS patients, but also to protect hospital environment and workers from virus spreading. Accordingly, each patient referred to hospital, or directly sent to Cath lab for invasive coronary angiography, should be regarded as possible COVID-19 carrier, therefore, SARS/CoV2/Nucleic Acid test should be performed before any procedure, standard or total protection personal equipment should be worn by all healthcare workers and patients should be admitted in dedicated COVID Units or similarwards with the appropriate intensity of care depending on his clinical condition. This document provides a guide for clinicians to manage different cases of STEMI/NSTEMI ACS with potential or known COVID19 infection, based on recent worldwide evidence and standardization protocols.


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