Is nicotine exposure linked to cardiopulmonary vulnerability to COVID-19 in the general population ?

27 avril 2020

Source : The FEBS Journal

Auteur : JL Olds et N Kabbani


Commentateur : Dr David REY

  • Article publié avant l’étude parisienne suggérant un effet “protecteur” de la nicotine sur le risque COVID. Les auteurs rappellent ici la morbidité et la mortalité COVID augmentées chez les fumeurs actifs et anciens.  Discussion physiopathologique en rapport avec le récepteur commun nicotine – coronavirus ACE2.

Abstract :

The recent emergence of COVID-19 has resulted in a worldwide crisis, with large populations locked down and transportation links severed. While approximately 80% of infected individuals have minimal symptoms, around 15–20% need to be hospitalized, greatly stressing global healthcare systems. As of March 10, the death rate appears to be about 3.4%, although this number is highly stratified among different populations. Here, we focus on those individuals who have been exposed to nicotine prior to their exposure to the virus. We predict that these individuals are ‘primed’ to be at higher risk because nicotine can directly impact the putative receptor for the virus (ACE2) and lead to deleterious signaling in lung epithelial cells.

Keywords addiction; infectious Disease; pandemic; public Health; tobacco

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