Acute Pulmonary Embolism in COVID-19 Patients on CT Angiography and Relationship to DDimer Levels

27 avril 2020

Source : Radiology

Auteur : Ian LEONARD-LORANT and al.


Reports of acute pulmonary embolism associated with COVID-19 have emerged in the literature. For example, Chen et al. described 25 pulmonary CT angiograms examinations from 1008 COVID-19 patients; 10 were positive for pulmonary embolism mostly as segmental or sub-segmental APE [1]. In addition, D-dimer levels have been reported as elevated in patients with COVID-19 [2; 3] with the suggestion of an independent association between the severity of the disease and the level of D-dimer [4]. The purpose of this report is to describe the rate of pulmonary embolus in patients classified as COVID-19 infection and who underwent chest CT at atertiary referal center.

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